Makassar City Tour


Formerly called Ujung Pandang, the city of Makassar is the largest city in east Indonesia. Capital of South Sulawesi, Makassar enjoys a central location in the Indonesian archipelago and today Makassar is Indonesia’s busy air hub, connecting Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan in the west with Sulawesi, the Moluccas and Papua in the east.

The metropolis of Makassar is thick with honking horns, strong smells and general pandemonium, but it maintains a nearly backwater charm thanks to its friendly people and delicious, down-home seafood warungs (food stalls).

As the gateway to eastern Indonesia for centuries, it was from Makassar that the Dutch controlled much of the shipping that passed between the west and the east. Today it’s still a thriving port and important transport hub. Fort Rotterdam, once an ancient Gowanese fort, is Makassar’s main tourist attraction and stands as a reminder of the Dutch occupation.

In the area surrounding Makassar are the palace of the Gowanese kings, waterfalls where the naturalist Alfred Wallace collected butterflies and cave paintings left by the first inhabitants of Sulawesi, and the second largest Karst Mountain in the World called Rammang Rammang Village.


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Fort Rotterdam
Fort Rotterdam also know Benteng Ujungpandang, built on 1545 by the 10th King of Gowa, is a historical artifact of the greatness of the past kingdom of South Sulawesi. Gowa Kingdom was the strongest and the most glorious kingdom during the 17th century. During the time Makassar was know a trading city.
Viewed from the sea the kingdom of Makassar during that period was an area that was completely fortified. In year of 1967 when Gowa was under the power of Dutch, all forts was destroyed except Fort Rotterdam and two years later Fort of Somba Opu was totally destroyed by The Dutch government.
During the Dutch colonialism, the fort was rebuilt and renamed “Fort Rotterdam”. During the period the fort and its area started to be the center of governmental and commercial activity. During the Japanese colonialism the fort functioned as the center of agricultural and language studies.

Islamic Center
Al Markas Al Islami (formerly Masjid Raya Makassar) is the most luxurious Mosque in South Sulawesi and the largest in the eastern par of Indonesia. Besides functioning as the center of worship its also facilities the education, social and culture activities. Al Markas Al Islami stand in 10 hectare area in Makassar Downtown. This worship center appears dominantly due to its size and lovely shape.

The Old Graveyard of King Tallo
These old tombs are regarded as a complex, due to the size in wich 778 grave in different forms and of various material are laid. Its located in the northern part on Makassar City, exactly on the former Tallo fort. Formerly, Tallo Kingdom was an area ruled by Gowa Kingdom. That kingdom was later divided into two major divisions since the king had two Princes, both were ambitious men to be the next king. The two kingdom are : Tallo and Gowa. Therefore a proverb emerged : Dua Raja Satu Rakyat (one folk under the rule of two king). Based on the data from the available literature and archeologists, it is said that the graves of Tallo and Gowa kings from the beginning to the end of the 17th century can be found in this graveyard.

Paotere Harbor
Paotere is the place to anchor the sailing boat of the people of Sulawesi coming from all part of Indonesia. The sailing boat anchored there varied in style ans shape, such us Phinisi Boat, Lambo and some others. It is a fascinating and amazing scenery of the masts standing side by the side. It is event more beautiful and fascinating during the sunset with its colorful rays.

Samalona Island
Across the harbor of Makassar is Samalona Island which has been developed into a pleasant recreation area. Samalona Island is one of the beautiful islands on the Strait of Makassar, it can be reached by rides a boat in about 30 minutes from Makassar. The area of Samalona Island is about 2,34 ha in width which is consist of white sand beaches and reefs area. The island is become a favorite destination for local tourist since it easy to reach. There are some activities that you can do there such as sunbathing above the white sand beaches, Swim, Snorkeling, Diving, Underwater Photography, and others marine activities.

Kodingareng Keke Island
Kodingareng Keke Island is small and beautiful island, offer white sand beaches, clear crystal water, and surrounded by beautiful coral reef. The island is part of Spermonde Archipelago Cluster. Kodingareng Keke Island can be reach in about 45 to 1 hour ride a boat from Makassar. On this island also is good for Sunbathing, Swim, Snorkeling, Diving, Underwater Photography and others some fun marine activities.

Somba Opu Shopping Center
Somba Opu shopping street well know as shopping area for souvenir, handicraft, gifts, cloth, gold and many more. Located near at Losari Beach.

Trans Studio Word Indoor Theme Park
Trans World Studio located in the Regions and the Global Tourism Business Tanjung Bunga, Makassar, the area of integrated tourism object in Makassar. Trans Studio was built of 2,7 hectares with investment of IDR 1 trillion more. Facilities built in the shopping center which includes the Trans Walk and Rodeo Drive, and Studio Trans, Trans Hotel, office of Bank Mega. Trans Studio building was built around 22,000 m² with 20 meters high which is the largest indoor amusement park in eastern Indonesia  at this time (second large indoor theme park after Trans Studio Theme Park Bandung).

Chinese Temples
There are a few old temples in Makassar City. The most important is Tian Hou Gong or Temple of the Heavenly Queen, on the corner of Serui Street and Sulawesi Street. This was probably built in the early 18th century and restoration in 1738, 1803 and 1867. The statue of the ‘heavenly queen’, Tian Hou is on the back side of the main altar behind a wooden wall. She is the protector of the sailors and is often related with fertility. From the side-altars, the first on the left is dedicated to the ‘Golden Mothers of the Golden Immortals’

Makassar Culinary
Makassar also well know as the best seafood culinary at Indonesia. Eating out or gathered in a restaurant has been part of Makassar society, in every street you will find many types of restaurants ranging from traditional to international restaurant. There are a large number of small restaurants serving Makassar traditional food or a special barbecued, steamed or fried seafood and Coto Makassar, a Makassar specialty, which is a rich curry soup filled with thick slices of meat and offal.